There are several ways for you to
donate to Lilies & Reeds Society.

Our volunteers come from all economic, educational & social backgrounds. They are selfless & dedicated individuals. Our volunteers are of all ages & are able to serve where they have experience or where there is a need. If you have a genuine concern for the welfare of teen parents & at-risk youth, you should be on our team! 

Become a Volunteer & Donate your time 
People can donate time on a regular basis (e.g., once a week) & for a long-term project or they can volunteer online and only once or for a limited period of time. In any case, a donation of your time is always for the social or common good, voluntary, & free of charge. 

Become a Mentor (male and female are needed)
A mentor has a powerful impact in a teens life. We want our students to have mentors so they know there is someone who cares & who is interested in their day to day activities! With your help as a mentor you can lead at-risk youth & teen parents on a healthy pathway to success. Check our mentor guidelines here. Click here for more on mentoring.  

Sponsor an Event or Enrichment Activity
We are always looking for sponsors for all of the fun things we do! Here are some of the things we need your help with:

$500 for 15 students to attend one enrichment activity, such as Shiloh Camp, including food & drinks.
$450 for 15 students to experience an eloquent awards banquet.
$375 for a student to receive a summer stipend for attending our summer program.
$100 for a table of six at our annual benefit banquet. 
So many more ways you can become a sponsor! Contact Us today!!! 

Be a Guest Speaker 
Share your story of how you overcame an obstacle in your life. Come & speak about some of the major problems plaguing our society today. Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy, Anger, Life after high school, Job Readiness, Relationships, & College are some of the vast topics we discuss with our students.

Assist on Field Trips
Some of the places we frequent are Shiloh Camp, Rocktown, Feed the Children, & The Food Bank. We'd love to have you join us & experience a great adventure that will change your life.

Become a Board Member & an Advocate
Do you believe in our mission of lowering teen pregnancy in Oklahoma? Do you have a passion for teen parents & at-risk youth? Do you want to be strategically involved with the growth of Lilies & Reeds Society? If so, then you need to become one of our board members! Check out our current board members here

Donate Money to help keep our Program Running
We depend solely on the donations of our community! Without your support Lilies & Reeds Society will not be able continue its current outreach to at-risk youth & teen parents. Whether its $20 that helps with upkeep of our website or its $500 to help with overhead cost, every little penny counts! We can't do this without you!

Donate Goods or Items for our Classroom Experience
Items we currently need are:
Sketch Books (15-12x9 inch)
Colored Pencils
Black V-Neck T-shirts M,L,XL (15 mens 15 womens)
Fabric Paint - Pink, White, Green, Brown (2 of each color)
Scissors (15)
Medium Gift Bags (20)
$10-$50 Gift Cards (restaurant or Visa) for student incentive
Report Cover Folders (25)
Glue sticks (20)
Inspirational Calendars (nature scenery)

Donate Items for our Program 
Your In-Kind donation will help us move forward as we prepare to advance into multiple schools. We are in need of a laptop, printer & ink, & stationary. 


There are so many ways...if you have an idea of how you can can help, let us know!

Donate TODAY to make a difference in a teens life!

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