Are you a Pregnant or Parenting Teen? 

We know how difficult life can be when you are parenting a child. You've got to deal with school, work, your baby and all of life drama's that come when you least expect it.

You CAN make it through & we can help you overcome the obstacles in your life by helping you set & achieve your goals! This is only a small season & with guidance you will excel and become a successful parent! Contact us & we will teach you how to deal with life's most difficult challenges as a teen parent.

Be strong! Knowledge is power.
Educate yourself now to protect yourself and your future.


  • Did you know a girl can get pregnant the first time she ever has sex?
  • Did you know that birth control does not protect against STDs
  • Did you know most teens are NOT having sex?
  • A sexually active teen that does not use contraception has a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year.
  • Teen Pregnancy affects education. Only a third of teen mothers earn their high school diploma. Only 1.5% have a college degree by the age of 30.
  • Girls born to teen mothers are more likely to be teen mothers themselves. Boys born to teen moms are more likely to end up in prison.
  • 75% of girls and over half of boys report that girls who have sex do so because their boyfriends want them to.
  • 8 in 10 girls and 6 in 10 boys say they wish they had waited until they were older to have sex.
  • Most teens (6 in 10) and adults (3 in 4) believe that teen boys often receive the message that they are “expected to have sex.”
  • Diapers are expensive, but it's nothing compared to the $9 billion that teen pregnancy costs the United States each year. This includes increased spending in child welfare costs and public sector health care.



  • The highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world – twice as high as in England or Canada, and ten times higher than Switzerland.
  • Teen birth rate dropped nine percent from 2009 to 2010. This is the lowest birth rate since 1946.
  • About 1 in 3 women become pregnant at least once before they're 20.
  • Approximately 750,000 teens get pregnant each year.


  • The 2nd highest teenage birth rate in the nation.