About the Program

Lilies & Reeds Society provides incentives to help students better attendance & improve grades in school. We help get & keep students on a healthy path to build & achieve short & long term goals regarding relationships, school, career, & personal life.

Weekly Meetings
In order to create thoughts and action toward healthy behavior, we participate in lively discussion groups that focus on character building in young men and women.

This stimulates journaling time for Teen Parents and gives practice time for essays required to attend field trips. This process will help prepare each young parent to become a mentor to other students.


Enrichment Activities

Teen Parents are able to get away from all distractions and they can focus on the true beauty of their surroundings. They will be presented with obstacles on the field trip which will relate to life.

As they overcome the obstacles, we are able to strengthen their minds and encourage them to make healthy decisions in all areas of life.

Rock climbing, horseback riding, museums, ropes courses, etc. are places of destination for our field trips.

Job Shadowing
Students are given an opportunity to have a shadowing day in the career field of there choice. By doing research they will earn every step of applying for and successfully securing the job.

December Holiday Luncheon

During this time we will give them tools to prepare them for the holiday. It is an opportunity for all the ladies & gentlemen to have a healthy atmosphere where they are able to get all dazzled up, feel important and can learn the significance of proper etiquette. Teen Moms and Dads will be recognized for their achievements.

 Students receive certificates as they complete the program and participate in different events.

 Lilies & Reeds Society recognizes great effort, achievements, academic accomplishments, good citizenship, and their hard work!